Kingsman: The Secret Service Sartorial Review


Kingsman: The Secret Service opened this weekend to much fanfare. Even the awesome clothing in the movie is getting it’s just acknowledgement. Especially the double breasted suits worn by the movie’s star Colin Firth (Harry Hart). The DoBespoke team had the pleasure of seeing them filmĀ in the fitting setting of iPic theaters. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and no one on the team had a bad thing to say about it. The action scenes were breathtaking and the storyline was very good. It is highly recommended you go see this movie immediately!

Want the look? We got it!

A Suit’s Fit Matters Above All Else

Suit Fit Meme


Many men not well versed in suits always seem to be most concerned with a style they saw in a magazine or online. Yet the most important thing above all else when it comes to buying a suit is the fit. Buying off the rack presents an issue for everyone who does it. Suits you buy off the rack are made to fit a generalized size and shape. As you know people come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we at DoBespoke only offer bespoke and made to measure suits to our clients. Even a cheap suit that fits perfectly is worth more than a $3000 dollar suit that is ill fitting. So why buy off the rack when you can spend the same amount for a suit that is made to fit you?